Jan 4 – Week 1 – A

Below are a list of posts that participating bloggers have submitted from their week 1 posts on January 4, 2013.

If you would like to submit your post for this week’s list, please follow these steps for adding your blog listing.

  1. In the widget box below where you see “Your Name” please type in the name of your blog and the title of your post or the subject of your post.
    For Example: Mary’s Wiccan Blog – Altars and Ancestors
  2. In the widget box below where you see “Your URL” please type in the URL for this specific blog post for the week.
    For Example: http://maryswiccanblog.blogspot.com/altars-and-ancestors.html

These posts should be links to your specific Pagan Blog Project post for the date in the title of the post. Do not post generic links to your blog.

For Example: GOOD – http://maryswiccanblog.blogspot.com/altars-and-ancestors.html
For Example: BAD – http://maryswiccanblog.blogspot.com

If you have any problems with this or need a change made, please email Rowan.

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  1. Luvlymish

    I’m loving reading through other peoples blogs – I was ill last year and unfortunately had to give up part way through the project – so glad to be back and reading and writing with other pagans!

  2. loona wynd

    I am hoping that there will be as many diverse posts this year as there were last year. I always enjoyed reading the posts of every one else. I hope that every one’s blog grows over the year and that we all become more self aware.

  3. Elani Temperance

    Exactly what is says on the box: Archons, kings and democracy: rulership in ancient Athens.

    I’m in for another year, of course :) I fell ill, so yesterday wasn’t going to happen. It’s good so many people have joined already! Welcome new people, and way to commit, long-timers!

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  6. Victoria

    I know, I’m getting started late. Better late than never! I think this will be a great way to reflect on my spirituality through the year! :)


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  8. Kiri

    My blog is not really a pagan blog (I don’t think I fall into that umbrella yet, who knows if I will), but I think the PBP could help me figure out my beliefs, which is why I’m trying it out. :)

  9. DragonRose

    Just starting this now, done the first A-Aphrodite. Presses enter before realising I hadn’t put the subject as well >.< . oh well, know for next time lol

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